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Been working in the car industry for over a year now and Chris was so helpful and patient with everything he really cares about his customers and gives them great deals...awesome guy

Markell Thomas Avatar
Markell Thomas

Recently purchased a vehicle from Chris and Igor at Carpoint, very honest and helpful. Could not ask for better customer service, Igor went above and beyond to make sure the deal was complete. Chris was awesome to deal with on the purchase side, absolutely no pressure, just open and fair for both. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a fair deal, excellent customer service and great vehicles. Thanks again Chris, Igor and Adam next door at the body shop!

Grant Barry Avatar
Grant Barry

Chris and Igor make sure you are in love with the car before you buy it. They are fair with the price and very helpful. Carpoint only carries very clean cars in great condition. Would recommend it to anyone.

Nader Zein Avatar
Nader Zein

Bought my bmw from here, chris took great care of me. The car was basically brand new after i left the lot, chris knows how to deal with a customer i would definitely recommend buying a car from here, you wont have any issues.

Etorphine Avatar

Great experience on purchasing my bmw. The owner is a pro and he knows his cars. Buying a vehicle wasn't stressful with him. I would definitely refer it to friends.

maher El aissi Avatar
maher El aissi

Great experience on purchasing my bmw. The owner is a pro and he knows his cars. Buying a vehicle wasn't stressful with him. I would definitely refer it to friends.

maher El aissi Avatar
maher El aissi

Outstanding Auto SalesI/We live in Calgary...I spent many hours and many appointments looking at Vehicles, only to have no success.I contacted Carpoint by phone and spoke to Chris, "who identified himself as the owner", I explained what I was looking for and my interest in a BMW X5 he had.I asked him to send me a video of a walk around and the start up, Chris did that pretty much Immediately... I viewed the Video and was satisfied with the vehicle..I made an offer on the phone and Chris said he could satisfy that offer.My wife & myself, drove up to Edmonton on the Thursday morning, as we pulled in Chris met us and knew who we were, I was happy to meet him, as I could tell by speaking with Chris on the phone he was a man of Integrity.Chris had the vehicle inside out of the crazy rain and completely detailed, I mean it was spotless, the BMW Dealerships don't detail there vehicles as well, Chris does a great job inspecting and detailing all his vehicles. There was nothing I could find that was not acceptable in detail, I am very very particular. The Vehicle was beyond clean, in/out.We took the BMW and went for a short test drive, Chris trusted us, so we drove off on our own, Chris remained at the Auto Sales.After a small test drive we returned and decided we would have lunch and decide on the vehicle. We decided the vehicle was what we were looking for and the cleanliness was so great, that was one factor in our decision. We msged Chris and told him we were taking the vehicle and would return shortly with a Bank Draft.We returned, did the paper work and finalized the deal. My wife was to drive the vehicle back on her own as we came up to Edmonton with another BMW together, I was to follow in My BMW 328I.Chris explained very carefully all the operations of the vehicle to my wife and made sure she understood the functions of the new BMW. I could tell he wanted to make sure she was safe driving home to Calgary in the new BMW X5.My wife drove the BMW X5 and I followed in My BMW 328i. We drove home to Calgary with no problems and the New BMW X5 drove like a new vehicle, flawless..Chris msged us the next day as a follow up to ensure we had no trouble with the BMW X5, I informed him that the drive was trouble free and the BMW drove as new.I have since had the vehicle Chris sold us for a week prior to doing this review, I have been through the vehicle myself with fine detail and inspection, only thing I have done is run Seafom through the gas and add Seafom to the oil, to clean injectors and the crankcase oil tarnish, also micro polish headlamps, this vehicle Chris sold us is as a New BMW X5 would be, its flawless, we are very happy with Carpoint, Chris and the trip to Edmonton to find this vehicle.We had been to Edmonton a week before looking at Range Rovers, but one of the two dealers we saw just outright lied to us to get us up to see there garbage vehicle, the other dealer near Carpoint was also very exceptional, although we did not buy from them.So, Chris in my opinion was very honest and helped us to find a vehicle which he had at a reasonable price. He demonstrated Experience, Integrity and Honesty. That is a combination you never find in an AUTO DEALER, however you will find those qualities In Chris at CARPOINT EDMONTON.I have dozens of auto dealers at my disposal here in Calgary, I will always go to Chris at CARPOINT EDMONTON first, before any other dealers here in Calgary..I am extremely OCD about the mechanical condition and cleanliness of all my vehicles,, Chris meets my expectations for detailing a vehicle, I don't know if he gets in the vents and spaces with a tooth brush and Q-tip like I do, but he sure does a great job otherwise...On a side note, the man, Chris keeps his bathroom super clean, It was so clean I felt guilty using it. This was no Petro-can toilet. LOLCHRIS IS THE MAN!!!Stop By And say HI to Chris.He Likes Tim's LG Double-Double.GO TO>>>>>>>> CARPOINT EDMONTON, Its "The Best Little Auto Sales in Edmonton", this side of TEXAS!! Lol. Cheers

Gary B Avatar
Gary B

Excellent customer service and Chris is an honest seller. I bought my 2002 Acura TL at Carpoint Edmonton 5 years ago and it is still running with no major issues. I will definitely buy my next car there!

Valerie Bercy Avatar
Valerie Bercy